Email Marketing Isn’t Dead, Your Email Just Suck.

Andrew Donovan
4 min readFeb 10, 2021
A hand drawing letters flying through the air.

That’s a provocative title, granted. But I have to meet insanity with unadulterated mockery because that’s what it deserves.

The unrelenting (and wrong) opinion that email marketing is dead — or suffering a slow death — is the lie that won’t die. This is bewildering to me as it’s arguable that in the age of big tech censorship and plummeting organic reach, email marketing has never been a more important tool in a company’s digital marketing repertoire. But I digress.

Normally in an article defending the merits of email marketing, this is where I’d hit you with all the latest and greatest data about the archaic but effective technology of sending emails. Today, I’ll spare you that diatribe. But if you’re interested in reviewing some statistics and widely-known benefits of sending emails to leads and customers, check out this article by Rebecca Riserbato at Hubspot.

Instead, I am going to defer to anecdotal evidence from my own journies as an email marketer. An unusual tactic, I know. Hear me out because I am confident I will make something clear:

Our inboxes are oversaturated with bad content and starving for good content.

Is there anything more boring than insurance?

I’d rather sit through small talk with an acquaintance from high school at a local bar than read about insurance.

I’d rather retake that Intro to Nutrition class in college than read about insurance.

I’d rather take the red-eye from Toronto to Rome with no WiFi, book, or journal than read about insurance.

I imagine I’m not alone. Insurance plans aren’t page-turners, so to speak.

There should be no reason why — in a world where email is dead and inboxes are too full — that emails about insurance perform well.

Well, dear reader (My guess is that you already know what’s coming next), if you thought that, prepare to have your mind blown.

Analytics from insurance-related email marketing campaigns
Andrew Donovan

I’m the lead email marketing specialist for a boutique marketing agency in Ontario, Canada.